Neotrust joins Cybereco

Neotrust joins Cybereco to help build a more secure digital future. As strong advocates of cybersecurity, we are committed to helping businesses in Quebec and Canada meet current and future challenges. Our involvement in the Cybereco ecosystem enables us to reinforce our commitment to the community and actively collaborate in the creation of a more secure environment.

Founded in 2019 out of a passion for cybersecurity and Cyber transformations, Neotrust offers its customers peace of mind in the event of an audit through the pursuit and maintenance of their compliance. Our constant presence and responsiveness enable us to act quickly in the event of an incident, to minimize the impact on our customers. We also keep their systems up to date through proactive, daily monitoring by our team of highly qualified experts.

Neotrust specializes in consulting and providing advanced cybersecurity solutions. Our infra-as-code based platform enables us to help companies transform their security rapidly, with controlled costs and native security based on security by design. We offer a comprehensive range of consulting services covering the 8 pillars of cybersecurity. Our commitment is to support our customers in implementing robust security strategies and ensuring the protection of their data and critical infrastructures.