Annual Assessment of the Citizenship in the Digital Age & Cybersecurity Project

Montreal, July 6, 2022 – CyberCap presented its annual report on the Citizenship in the Digital Age & Cybersecurity project conducted in collaboration with Cybereco and its partners. This activity part of the RELÈVE NUMÉRIQUE programme, as discovery of the digital world, the jobs of the future and ethical and responsible behaviour, has made it possible to raise awareness among 3,233 students, both girls and boys, aged 12 to 17, on the risks associated with their digital activities and to encourage vocations in the field of cyber security.

This activity, which was carried out in an inclusive manner in 23 high schools in various boroughs of Montreal and Quebec City, was appreciated by more than 89% of the students and revealed that 75% of them considered that citizenship in the digital age and cybersecurity were subjects about which they knew little or nothing.

For the 2022-2023 school year, with the support of Cybereco, high school students will be able to continue to learn about safe behaviours and how to be an informed citizen.


CyberCap is a charitable organization that works in the field of school retention, dropout and digital education by offering prevention and support activities to help young people find their place in society. In doing so, CyberCap contributes to their well-being and to that of the community.

Since 2000, more than 30,000 young people have taken advantage of CyberCap’s opportunities for professional exploration and citizenship awareness in the digital age to improve their personal, social, academic and professional situation.