CAE Joins Cybereco

At CAE, we equip people in critical roles with the expertise and solutions to create a safer world. As a technology company, we digitalize the physical world, deploying simulation training and critical operations support solutions. Above all else, we empower pilots, airlines, defense and security forces, and healthcare practitioners to perform at their best every day and when the stakes are the highest. Around the globe, we’re everywhere customers need us to be with more than 13,000 employees in more than 200 sites and training locations in over 40 countries. CAE represents 75 years of industry firsts—the highest-fidelity flight and mission simulators, surgical manikins, and personalized training programs powered by artificial intelligence. We’re investing our time and resources into building the next generation of cutting-edge, digitally immersive training and critical operations solutions while keeping positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact at the core of our mission. Today and tomorrow, we’ll make sure our customers are ready for the moments that matter.

Cybersecurity at CAE: a priority!

CAE’s Cybersecurity team led by its Director, Paul Assaad, supports CAE’s strategy while ensuring that the organization achieves its cybersecurity objectives.

“Cybersecurity at CAE is critical in what we do, and our employees understand the importance of protecting the products we design, our applications, services, and training centres from cyber threats.” said Paul Asaad.

CAE’s Cybersecurity team is a world-class source of security excellence, providing comprehensive security and risk management services to protect the company’s employees and data assets. The team has helped deliver secured products with the latest CAE information security controls while increasing the performance of our products and speed to deliver new features.

“We often hear that employees are the weakest link when it comes to cybersecurity,” Assaad adds. “At CAE, we believe that our employees are our first line of defence!”

CAE’s role with Cybereco

As a new member of the Cybereco family, CAE’s presence will be essential when it comes to cybersecurity innovation in the fields of aerospace and technology. Martin Costa, Head of Cyber Delivery and Information Security, will represent CAE in research projects specific to Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity, a key component in safeguarding operating technology assets, systems, and processes from cyber-attacks.

“It really is an incredible opportunity. I’m excited to help connect the large pool of cybersecurity talent at CAE with peers nationwide and foster collaboration on projects that will create a real impact for our country.” said Martin Costa.