CYBERDEFENSE.AI joins Cybereco

CYBERDEFENSE.AI is joining forces with Cybereco to create a federating nucleus of editors of cutting-edge AI-assisted cybersecurity solutions. 

CYBERDEFENSE.AI is a Quebec-based firm that develops AI-assisted cybersecurity solutions: the CYBERWALL™ and the CYBERPASS™(in development). These solutions were created to meet the needs of SMEs and organisations wishing to address the shortage of specialised resources by transferring some of the traditional services to automation. The CYBERWALL automatically and continuously detects vulnerabilities in web applications and anomalies detected in requests. It also provides real-time detection and blocking to protect against OWASP-listed attacks, such as injections that exploit critical vulnerabilities. It removes blind spots and helps ensure that security teams do not waste time analysing false positives. The CYBERWALL is a lightning rod against security flaws that have not been detected before applications are put into production. Log4J is a good example: CYBERWALL had recognised the flaw and could provide real-time protection through virtual patches. The CYBERWALL.AI also offers advanced threat protection through geolocation functionality tailored to specific needs.   


  • Accurately identifies and prioritises vulnerabilities;  
  • Automatically detects and blocks attacks;  
  • fixes cybersecurity flaws and is an excellent replacement for tedious tasks such as log analysis;  
  • works 24/7 365… and it learns!  

On August 25th, Quebec Ministers Éric Caire and Pierre Fitzgibbon, respectively of Cybersecurity and Digital Affairs and of Economy and Innovation, participated in the official launch of CYBERWALL.AI.  This was a starting signal for CYBERDEFENSE.AI and the partners present, who have taken the gamble in Quebec to create a promising AI-assisted cybersecurity industry.   

Mr. Caire declared on this occasion: “We must learn to network, the planet must network to protect itself against cybercrime. And Mr Fitzgibbon added: “There are industrial or service sectors where we can win in the world; these sectors need to be fed, “pimpered” to make sure that we can take our place.

The emergence of disruptive technologies provides the ideal opportunity to develop a cutting-edge industry in Quebec and make it a world leader in the field of cybersecurity.   

 We have our world-class cybersecurity talent, as well as the international reputation of our universities for their research in AI and quantum computing. With Quebec’s unique conditions, together we can chart a stronger, more sustainable course and aspire to the top.