Cybersecurity awareness kit

Make sure your employees are familiar with cybersecurity sound practices

In partnership with National Bank and Desjardins, find out how to better protect your business by consulting the tools in our cyber security awareness kit.

We are all at risk of a cyberattack

The cyberkit

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We designed the Kit to provide more information about cyberattacks.

4 key cybersecurity topics

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1st topic
Protect your company against one of the most devastating types of attacks.
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2nd topic
Everything you need to know about creating strong passwords
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3rd topic
Impersonation fraud
Protect your company against targeted attacks
4th topic
Working remotely
Protect yourself when working remotely

Reference sheets

How can I protect my website and my personal mobile device? What steps are involved in a security audit? How can I protect my company against popular scams?

These supplemental downloads are a perfect way to learn more about a subject that affects your company.

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