ÉTS joins Cybereco

High-level research in cybersecurity is conducted at the École de technologies Supérieures (ÉTS) by a team of experienced professors affiliated with the CyberSecurity Laboratory (LCSec). Their research work also contributes to the training of highly qualified personnel in this vast field. Aware of the criticality of the situation and the need for concerted action in cybersecurity, these researchers are determined to share their know-how and collaborate with researchers and professionals from other university centres and companies in Quebec.  It is in this spirit that ÉTS is joining Cybereco to contribute to an innovative and avant-garde cybersecurity ecosystem. In addition to its interns, who work annually with thousands of companies in almost every region of Quebec, ÉTS research professors collaborate with many companies facing challenges in the vast field of cybersecurity. These include software security, security of cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things, cloud and critical infrastructure security, and the analysis of massive security data. Cybersecurity is now a critical issue for many sectors, and ÉTS and Centech, its incubator dedicated to high-tech companies, stand out.

About ÉTS

Founded in 1974, the École de technologies Supérieures (ÉTS) is part of the Université du Québec network. Specializing in applied engineering education and research and technology transfer, it trains engineers and researchers known for their practical and innovative approach. Since its inception, ÉTS has pursued a mission that is firmly anchored in all its activities: to meet the needs of the industrial sector, which requires engineers with not only an excellent theoretical background but also practical knowledge. To do this, the school maintains a unique partnership with the business world and industry, both large companies and SMEs. It is clearly distinguished from other Quebec universities both by the applied training it provides to future engineers and by its research activities, conducted in collaboration with and for businesses. Each year, ÉTS welcomes 11,000 students in 86 programs and is proud of its 3,010 graduates. The school relies on the experience of 280 professors and lecturers. Its researchers are organised into 70 chairs, groups and research units.