13 July 2021

Hydro-Québec joins Cybereco

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Cybereco continues to federate the ecosystem in cybersecurity with the arrival of Hydro-Québec among its new members. To offer a reliable power supply and high-quality services, Hydro-Québec is committed to the cybersecurity of operational (OT) and information (IT) technologies. A concern shared by Cybereco.


Leader in hydropower and large electricity network

A world leader in hydroelectricity and large-scale power systems for more than 75 years, Hydro-Québec exports clean, renewable energy to Québec and, more broadly, to northeastern North America through some 60 hydroelectric generating stations.

Through the exploitation of clean and renewable energy sources, Hydro-Québec contributes significantly to the collective wealth and plays a central role in the energy transition through the establishment of a low-carbon economy.


Cybersecurity: growing challenges

In the field of cybersecurity, all experts now agree that the fight against cyber threats is becoming a priority in all sectors of activities. Moshe Toledano, Director of Corporate Cybersecurity at Hydro-Québec, recognizes that “cybersecurity challenges are growing, in a context of digital shift, energy transition and modernization of our electricity network.”

This is how the convergence of IT and OT has been at the heart of Hydro-Québec’s activities for several years now. Multiplying partnerships in cybersecurity, Hydro-Québec is committed to collaborating on best practices and the sharing of information and knowledge in the field.  “Co-creation and collaboration with Cybereco give us access to a multitude of talents and knowledge in the field. This allows us to progress much faster,” adds Moshe Toledano.

Cybereco is delighted with Hydro-Québec’s commitment and to being able to work together to contribute to a safer and more prosperous economy.


For more information about our member, visit hydroquebec.com.

To learn more about Cybereco’s mission, check out our “About”  section.

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