IsaiX joins Cybereco

IsaiX wishes to enhance the speed of its corporate development and achieve more rapid market penetration. IsaiX believes that its goals can be achieved by strategic collaborations within the Quebec cyber technology ecosystem. Through the sharing of proven methods and the development of common interpersonal networks, IsaiX believes that they can be an active partner to Cybereco. 

IsaiX leverages over 30 years of experience in providing automated compliance coaching applications to major Canadian and US banks to support small and medium size business increase the cyber security resilience. IsaiX aims to provide affordable cyber security products and services to the underserved SMB market that are designed to reduce risk of cyber attacks and educate management in proven methods for enhanced cyber security and regulatory compliance. 

IsaiX offers automated external vulnerability scans, phishing and education and guidance relating to regulatory frameworks. The company is developing expert systems to support automated compliance tools.