MONDATA joins Cybereco

The Cybereco team is pleased to highlight the arrival of MONDATA, a company that combines cybersecurity awareness with innovative, simple, and secure IT solutions.


Centralizing cybersecurity solutions and processes

Founded in 2017 by entrepreneur Martin Berthiaume, MONDATA’s mission is to democratize cybersecurity to organizations of all sizes and educate its users on the right security behaviors to adopt. Using automation and artificial intelligence, MONDATA offers cloud products and services that enable organizations to protect themselves from threats to their reputations and operations, in an optimal and effective manner.

MMONDATA has developed the MD.ECO platform, a tool that centralizes cybersecurity solutions and processes for rapid identification and optimal response to security incidents. The multitude of visibility, awareness and automation devices combined with the support of a team of experts, allows MONDATA to maintain an overview of the organization’s risks, to mitigate them and finally to offer a complete cybersecurity program 24/7/365.


Leverage cybersecurity expertise

It is no coincidence that Martin Berthiaume, the founder and president of MONDATA, has joined Cybereco: “We are very pleased to join Cybereco’s experience team, whose values and vision correspond to MONDATA’s mission.”

Cybereco and MONDATA share a common vision, particularly with regard to increasing the damage associated with cybercrime. By joining Cybereco’s ecosystem, Martin says he wants to “contribute to Cybereco’s projects by leveraging our knowledge and experience to further advance cybersecurity expertise.” The end goal is to “enable today’s companies to remain competitive, while innovating.”


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