Qohash, a start-up among the members of Cybereco

A new member of Cybereco, Qohash is a young company that quickly distinguished itself by its unique approach to data security.


Precise and efficient data classification

Founded in 2018, it took Qohash only a few years to become a leading developer of data security software. Combining innovative technologies and simplicity, the company has developed a solution that facilitates the identification and control of sensitive data in real time.

Through accurate and powerful effective data classification, Qohash is able to provide its customers with visibility into the flow of their sensitive data and who has access to it. By locating and quantifying sensitive data in enterprise technology environments, Qohash can significantly reduce the risks associated with internal breaches.


Acting for the development of cybersecurity

It is this desire to act upstream of threats and for the development of cybersecuritycyber security in Canada that brought together Cybereco and Qohash. For Jean Le Bouthillier, CEO of Qohash, “Cybereco is the missing link in the establishment of a virtuous circle for the development of the cybersecuritycyber security sector in Canada”. He says he is “very proud to join this group of pioneers and leaders who are giving themselves the means to truly propel the ecosystem”.

The start-up, which recently raised C$8 million in a Series A financing round led by FINTOP Capital, is shaking up an industry whose obsolete technology is no longer adapted to today’s reality. With tens of millions of people using teleworking, consumers and businesses alike are looking for a deeper level of  trust when it comes to data protection. Qohash’s real-time data flow monitoring platform stands out in this regard.

Cybereco also welcomes the arrival of Qohash. One of Cybereco’s main missions is to mobilize cybersecurity actors, thus contributing to develop a critical mass of experts in the field.


For more information about our member, visit qohash.com.

To learn more about Cybereco’s mission, visit our “About” section.

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