Secure Exchanges joins Cybereco

Secure Exchanges is a Quebec-based company that has developed a point-to-point encryption solution integrated into Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. Our patented solution is currently sold in several locations around the world, including Canada, the US, France and Morocco.  Simple to use and configure, Secure Exchanges is easy to adopt and allows you to send or receive an email containing a password, credit card, confidential information or files from 1MB to 25G, with complete confidence. It also allows PDF documents to be signed using the same process. Secure Exchanges ensures encrypted point-to-point transport of data to recipients by offering the highest level of security on the market through its technology. Secure Exchanges is the digital version of an armored truck.

Secure Exchanges joined Cybereco because we believe that our technologies and talents deserve to be discovered on a global scale. We are confident that collaboration with various Cybereco members will result in innovative cybersecurity projects that meet the needs of businesses, and improve the cybersecurity posture of members and their customers. Whether the projects are based on technologies that have already been developed by members, or are the result of collaboration, they should enable our companies to become industry leaders in cybersecurity.