Terranova Security joins the Cybereco Ecosystem

Recently, Cybereco welcomed the addition of Terranova Security to its cyber security ecosystem. A natural fit in light of their shared mission: security awareness.


A world Leader in Security Awareness

20 years ago, Terranova Security was born. Passionate about education and technology, Lise Lapointe, founder and CEO of Terranova Security, had a simple-but-revolutionary goal: to drastically reduce the human risk factor to counter cyber attacks effectively.

Mission accomplished for Terranova Security, a worldwide leader in security awareness training. Selected by Microsoft as a security awareness training partner of choice, Terranova Security uses its unique five-step program to industry-leading solutions to its customers.

This step-by-step awareness program leverages high-quality content and the multilingual Security Awareness Platform, giving organizations access to assets such as communication tools, centralized and customizable reporting, and an intuitive phishing simulator that is among the best in the industry.


The Importance of Security Awareness in the Current Economic Environment

The increase in cyber threats, particularly the massive adoption of remote work, makes the security awareness initiatives undertaken by Terranova Security and Cybereco paramount. Ms. Lapointe said, “Security managers are more committed than ever to strengthening their organizations’ defenses against phishing attacks and other cyber threats. This underscores the need for the work being done by Cybereco”.

It is true that the ecosystem built by Cybereco makes it possible to carry out ambitious projects that contribute to improving the resilience of companies and also individuals in the face of increasing cyber risks.

Accordingly, Cybereco is very enthusiastic about the arrival of Terranova Security in its ecosystem. Ms. Lapointe shares this enthusiasm: “We are excited to partner with Cybereco and look forward to working with its partners to empower local and global communities towards becoming more cyber aware.”


For more information about our member, visit terranovasecurity.com.

To learn more about Cybereco’s mission, visit our “About” section.

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