The ministère de la Cybersécurité et du Numérique joins Cybereco

Encourage sharing and pooling in Quebec.

Cybersecurity is a major component of open systems in cyberspace, even a necessity. Its strengthening, from a perspective of information protection and the resilience of government systems, implies going beyond silo achievements and advocating openness to the sharing and pooling of knowledge, expertise, and best practices in cybersecurity. Achieving this opening requires strategic alliances with ecosystem players and makes it possible to develop preventive measures against cyber risks.

The ministère de la Cybersécurité et du Numérique (MCN) has the mission of leading and coordinating the actions of the State in the areas of cybersecurity and digital technology, of proposing to the government the main orientations in these areas, of determining the sectors of activities where it intends to act as a priority and to propose measures to the government to increase the effectiveness of the fight against cyberattacks and cyberthreats in Quebec.

In cybersecurity, the roles of the MCN are:

  • Government chief information security officer for Quebec
  • Lead the Government Cyber ​​Defense Center
  • Government Cyber ​​Defense Network coordination
  • Propose main directions to the provincial government
  • Deploy and ensure strong and integrated governance
  • Support public organization ensuring compliance with security requirements
  • Establish the government digital data security classification model
  • Raising maturity across government

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