The University of Montreal: a new academic member in Cybereco

Recently, the Cybereco team welcomed the University of Montreal as a new university member. A partnership that will undoubtedly be fruitful regarding the University of Montréal’s activities within the Research Chair in Cybercrime Prevention.


Contributing to the advancement of research on cybercrime

In 2018, the University of Montreal, the Mouvement Desjardins and the National Bank of Canada established the Research Chair in Cybercrime Prevention. Its mission: to contribute to the advancement of the research on cybercrime from a prevention perspective. Through applied research projects developed in collaboration with its two industrial partners, the Chair also contributes to the training of students in cybercrime prevention and risk management.

Thus, the University of Montreal, through the Research Chair in the Prevention of Cybercrime, promotes the importance of developing academic knowledge on subjects that are still under-studied, such as

  • human risk factors in cybercrime prevention
  • the resilience of individuals and companies to the risks posed by cybercrime
  • forms of governance and partnerships to prevent cybercrime
  • or the evaluation of the effectiveness of measures and actions aimed at prevention


Developing a global centre of expertise in cyber security

Yves Joannette, Associate Vice-Rector for Research, Discovery, Creation and Innovation, is also pleased with the future collaboration with Cybereco: “The University of Montreal is pleased to join Cybereco to contribute to the emergence of a world-class centre of complementary expertise in the field of cybersecurity”.

Indeed, the University of Montreal has nationally and internationally recognized research teams that examine the criminological, legal, and sociological aspects of cybersecurity. It is also home to the Smart Cybersecurity Network (SERENE-RISC), which brings together researchers from a dozen disciplines from some 30 universities and colleges across Canada. According to Yves Joannette, there is no doubt that “by intensifying the collaboration between these resources and Cybereco, the University of Montreal will be able to accelerate the training of new talent and strengthen the resilience of our digital ecosystem”.

For more information on our member, visit the website of the Research Chair in Cybercrime Prevention (in French).
And to learn more about Cybereco’s mission, visit our “About” section.

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